Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Mr Grey will see you now. . .

So 50 shades of grey has broken the box office and sent women (and men) running to the DIY store for all kinds of rope to use at home. Mr. Grey has liberated sexual taboos around S&M but he is a highly glamourised, house wife's dream of what domination is. The reality is a whole other world. Let me tell you why. 

I may have failed to mention I have a highly submissive nature in the bedroom. It goes against my character completely but something about it frees me. How ironic as I'm usually trussed up like a prized pig. 

I read 50 shades before I ever got involved in with my 50shades even though he's more like 50's evil more sadistical brother, however he doesn't emotionally black mail me. I'm not a hearts and flowers girl so there's none of that love nonsense. 

 I digress. I met kinkyfuckery69 on tinder. Rugby player, huge, ripped, dark features, nice bit of stubble. He looked right up my street. We didn't talk straight away until I posted a moment of the troubles of being a busty girl trying to wear a crop top I'd ordered. Niave I hear all you busty girls shouting. Needless to say there was a lot of under boob.

He messaged telling me to be careful what I posted. 

I replied a curt "what do you mean?"

He answered "you'll get the wrong type of attention."

He was fairly high on that moral high horse. 

"What sort of attention is that then?" 

He replied. "The type from boys like me." 

So not as high as I first thought. 

We carried on chatting. We got on to the subject of sex naturally. He was very particular and not shy about it. 

We arranged to meet and having not met the required standards of preparedness he stopped to snapchat him picking up some rope. 

He was stern, serious I opened the door and he didn't speak. Fuck. What had I got myself into. He took me by the hand and led me straight into my room. I was only wearing a t-shirt it barely covered the bum. He spoke. 

"Turn round." 

I looked up at him. About to protest. 

"Turn round now." 

I did. He didn't seem the sort of chap to argue with. 

(I'd like to note I understood what was going to happen. I was in no way forced or emotionally abused before people worry.) 

"Arms up." 

I did as I was told. 
He pulled my top off leaving me in a bra. I'd "forgotten" underpants. Oops. 

He lent in close as he pulled my bra straps down. 

"Bend over." 

Suddenly feeling very naked I did as I was bid steadying myself on the bed. When he slapped me hard on the arse. 

"Next time you will turn round the first time. Understand?" 

I did. But before I could answer. He slapped me again. 

"That was for wearing no underwear and answering the door. What did I say about reputations."  

"Yes sir". 

I enjoyed every kinky minute that I don't want to expose too much. I still have to answer to him. 

I will tell you more about the real world of submissives if anyone wants more stories. However, I will warn you it's darker than being flogged with a belt 6 times and crying about it. 

Christian grey is not real and the guys who like this stuff don't normally have million pound playrooms in penthouses they are usually control freaks who blend in with society and don't break character to make sure you are ok. 

That's what safe words are for. 

Just.your.average.girl15 signing off and removing the handcuffs ;) 

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