Friday, 13 February 2015

How close is too close?

Sorry it's been a while, as well as being out having more dates I've been working so much! So i thought while I have 5 minutes to myself I would talk about my recent match. I call him. BoyNextDoor24. 

Obviously we all know your location is available for your matches to see. It's how you can decide how far you are willing to go to meet up. So one night I matched with a guy who was shorter than I would usually go for but cheeky looking. 

His location said 1km. The closest I had seen. Now I didn't know how accurate this app was. 1km could be a kilometre or it could be more. I decided to ask. Curiosity had got the best of me. 

"Hey have you noticed we are only 1km away?" 

He replied 

"Convenient isn't it ;)" 

I wasn't going to lie. It was pretty convenient. 

"It could be." I replied. 

He replied pretty quickly. 
"So where exactly are you?" 

Now I'm a bit wary about telling people where I live. I mean these online chats are strangers. I mean I know I have codes and gates to my building but you can't be too careful. 

I went with vague. 

"Oh just off ******** road. Near the quays."

He replied. Not so vaguely. 

"I just moved in to the apartments on ******* quay. You know behind the garage?"

That sounded like my appartment complex. Like really like where I lived. So I replied. 

"The one on E way?"

He replied 

"Yeah just moved in a few weeks ago."

He lived on the same complex. I was always up for making new friends. He didn't seem like a psycho and if he did kill me I could leave a note of where he lived for the police. 

"No way. I live on the same complex. What building?"

He replied. 

"P house" 

That's the building next to mine. I have a friend who lives in that building!  

"Really I live in A house. First floor."  

"I'm on the first floor too." 

Turned out he was on the opposite side so he can't see into my flat. 

He asked if we could meet outside. To say. "Hello". 

It was late I had no make up. So I declined another time. 

"Please come and meet me. " 

Keen, not the most attractive trait I can think of.

" I know it's a funny coincidence but can it be another time." I said. 

"Come on il meet you at the door you don't even have to come outside."  

This guy just wasn't getting it. 

"No. Not tonight" 

"Don't tease me come meet me outside we can get to know each other for 5 minutes." He said. 

I ignored him. It was getting a bit weird. 

"Come on I'm outside your buildings door."  

Right. Stalker is definitely not an attractive trait. 

"That's weird man. I suggest you go home." 

He didn't reply. 

He messages me now and again to ask for a quick blow job. Or to beg me to go to his. 

Personally he seems far too intense for my liking. So I politely decline and or don't reply. 

Now if he didn't live so close that would be it done and dusted. I sometimes run by him taking the bins. Or going to my car. I tend to walk quickly. Not make too much eye contact if I have to I say hello. 

Now he goes to my gym.  Brilliant. 

So it begs the question. How close is too close? Me personally I'd say be wary of kilometres on tinder. 1km is more like 300 yards. 

Too close for my liking. 

Just.your.average.girl15 signing off and locking the doors. 


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