Saturday, 10 January 2015

The Tell All Tinder Tales

Call me crazy but iv been thinking of doing this blog for a while now. It may be brave or just stupid but here it goes. 

It occurred to me recently that whenever I meet up with my girlfriends, guy friends, work friends. . . You get the idea. We always end up talking about one thing. Sex. A completely normal topic of conversation. Right?  

However, lately I've noticed we all have one thing in common. Tinder, grindr, fling. 2014 was the official year of the dating app. A new way of meeting people was born. (Who has time to go to bars these days.). 

Now out of curiosity or peer pressure the vast majority of us have found ourselves logging on mainly to see what all the fuss was about. What we didn't expect was to get hooked. "So you're telling me there is a constant stream of men in my area that I can choose to like or dislike at the swipe of a finger? GENIUS!" If he's swiped to like me we can chat. Simple. Easy. Quick. A bit shallow. I loved it instantly. 

Sorry I went a bit off topic. 

So having coffee with the girls or chatting with my gay room mate. We all seem to be swapping tinder stories. (Or grindr) so I thought why not blog some of these stories. I think most of us can relate? We all have funny date stories. 

Please feel free to share yours below. I'm intrigued to see how many of you have had similar, let's call them experiences. 

Obviously I'm going to keep this pretty anonymous I mean it's quite personal and it might make my mum blush. I'm not the sort of girl to kiss and tell. . . Well I am but I won't name and shame. 

Hopefully, y'all will take this as the light hearted self deprecating fun that it is. Not all these stories are mine but I hope at the very least they make you laugh. 

A bit of background on me. My bio as it were. 

Early 20s 
Recent graduate now working 39+ hours a week in a job I don't want while I figure out what I do want. (Does that make sense?) 
Living with my gay best friend. Yankee* (*not real name anonymity purposes. He bloody loves candles though) 
Love going out. 
Mainly skint. 
Not looking for a relationship. Not against those that are. It's just not for me at the minute. 
"Having fun" aka sleeping with a few people. Safely! May I add. 

That's a lot more info than my tinder bio. 

So I've been actively "dating" using tinder for almost 12 months. So the following posts are my series of unfortunate/ fortunate events. Experiences or situations I've found myself in. Some funny. Some horrendous. Some plain odd. Iv met a few Christian Greys (without the millions unfortunately.) 

So let's get to it shall we? (No pun intended) 

I'm going to use cheesy dating profile user names to hide people's identities but I promise they will completely encapsulate the type of person they were. 

What would your cheesy dating user name be? 

Are you a chicks-before-dicks98 sort of girl or is I_heart_bearded_boys more your style? Comments welcome. 

Just.your.average.girl15 signing off for now. 


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